Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School

Name Position Email
Mrs. Ramona Marie Alicea Nurse Send E-Mail
Mr. Mike Armand Maintenance Supervisor Send E-Mail
Mr. Joel Arnold Admissions Director, Assistant Varsity Girls Basketball Coach Send E-Mail
Mrs. Emily Ball Dean of Fine Arts Send E-Mail
Mr. Erik Ball Drama Teacher, Director, ITS Troupe #6756 Director Send E-Mail
Ms. Diana Ballek English, MS Yearbook Adviser Send E-Mail
Ms. Becky Barrett Administrative Technical Coordinator Send E-Mail
Mr. Austin Beckman 6th Grade English and Religion, JV Head Baseball Coach, Assistant Director of Praise Band Send E-Mail
Mrs. Brenda Beery Earth Science, Middle School Cross-Country, Middle School Science Bowl Send E-Mail
Mr. Kevin A. Best Religion & Social Studies, JV Softball Assistant Coach Send E-Mail
Mr. David Bever 6th Grade Send E-Mail
Mrs. Peggy Bever Finance Office Send E-Mail
Mrs. Hilary Biles Middle School and High School French and Spanish Teacher, Foreign Language Department Chair Send E-Mail
Mrs. Deborah Black The Shield Store Manager Send E-Mail
Mrs. Emily Blank Chemistry Teacher, Science Department Chair, Science Bowl Send E-Mail
Mr. Stephen Blank 8th Grade Physical Science & Varsity Swim Coach Send E-Mail
Mrs. Therese E Bockholt Support Staff Send E-Mail
Mr. Charles Bowline Assistant Principal - High School, Varsity Assistant Softball Coach Send E-Mail
Mrs. Melanie Bowline Librarian Send E-Mail
Mr. Doug Braun Head of Sophomore Theological Studies Send E-Mail
Mrs. Beth Buchholz Art Teacher Send E-Mail
Mr. Daniel Buikema Director of Guidance (S-Z) Send E-Mail
Mrs. Megan Buikema Faculty Liaison Send E-Mail
Mrs. Courtney Burns Counselor (L-R) Send E-Mail
Mr. Brandon Buskirk 6th Grade Send E-Mail
Miss Elizabeth Buss Science Teacher Send E-Mail
Mrs. Julie Buuck Director of Student Life Send E-Mail
Dr. Steven Buuck CEO - Chief Executive Officer Send E-Mail
Mrs. Stephanie Cannito Development Administrative Assistant Send E-Mail
Mrs. Patricia Carroll Teacher Send E-Mail
Mr. Daniel Cattau Math Teacher, Assist. Boys Basketball Coach, Assist. Boys Golf Coach Send E-Mail
Mrs. Tina Chalfant Receptionist Send E-Mail
Mr. Tom Chalfant Director of Computer Services Send E-Mail
Mr. Mark Cheney AP Chemistry, Chem 2, Golf Coach Send E-Mail
Mrs. Rebecca Cheney Teacher Send E-Mail
Mr. John Chilman HS Counselor (H-R), Head Softball Coach, Past-President of the Nevada School Counselor’s Association (NvSCA) Send E-Mail
Mrs. Julie Chilman Controller Send E-Mail
Mrs. Rosemarie Collins English Send E-Mail
Mr. Patrick Connolly Theology Teacher Send E-Mail
Ms. Susan Coumou 6th Grade Send E-Mail
Mrs. Pat Crawley Office Manager Send E-Mail
Mr. Jason Crowder Social Studies Teacher Send E-Mail
Mrs. Sarah M Crowder Teacher Send E-Mail
Mrs. Jennifer Cunningham Development Coordinator Send E-Mail
Mrs. Heidi Dalbec Middle School Resource Send E-Mail
Miss Marsha Marie Dangleis Physical Education, Girls Lacrosse Coach Send E-Mail
Mr. Gary Daning Director of Facilities Send E-Mail
Mrs. Rhea Delgado Thrift Store Manager Send E-Mail
Mr. Jose Diaz Computers Send E-Mail
Mrs. Ashley Dow IT Specialist Send E-Mail
Mrs. Terry Doyle Accounts Payable, Payroll Send E-Mail
Mr. Dave Elliott English / MS Musical Director Send E-Mail
Mrs. Kristin Elliott English / Yearbook Adviser Send E-Mail
Mr. Ben Ersland Director of Middle School Athletics Send E-Mail
Mrs. Amy Fisher Science Teacher/Head Volleyball Coach/Asst Athletic Director Send E-Mail
Mr. Scott Fogo High School Principal Send E-Mail
Mrs. Jana Fox Athletic Assistant Send E-Mail
Coach Vernon Fox Head HS Football Coach Send E-Mail
Mr. Cy Frederick Social Studies Teacher/Head Middle School Football Coach and Head Middle School Golf Coach Send E-Mail
Mrs. Diana Frederick Religion Send E-Mail
Mrs. Colette Fried 6th Grade Send E-Mail
Mrs. Susan Gentry Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer/HR Director Send E-Mail
Miss Greta Gieseke Spanish Send E-Mail
Ms. Kimberly Gilman Art specialist Send E-Mail
Mr. Mario Gonzalez Maintenance Send E-Mail
Mrs. Sue Gordon Teacher Aide Send E-Mail
Mrs. Kathy Grant Spanish Teacher & NJHS Adviser Send E-Mail
Mrs. Candice Gravitt Technology Send E-Mail
Mr. Neil Grepke Theology Department Chair Send E-Mail
Ms. Julie Grosso Teacher Aide Send E-Mail
Mrs. Abigail Gunzelman Spanish, EFL, International Advocate Send E-Mail
Mr. Zach Gunzelman English Send E-Mail
Mrs. Gretchen Hagge Mathematics Teacher Send E-Mail
Mr. Nathaniel Hagge 6th Grade, Varsity Boys Soccer Coach, Middle School Track Coach Send E-Mail
Mrs. Christine Harper Dance Send E-Mail
Mrs. Abbie Hazel Middle School and High School Math Teacher, Middle School Math Department Chair Send E-Mail
Mr. Aaron Hazen Social Studies Send E-Mail
Miss Carrie Heimlich English, Theology Send E-Mail
Ms. Sarah C Heislen Middle School Principal Send E-Mail
Mrs. Beth Holmes Tuition Clerk Send E-Mail
Mr. Dennis Holmes Computer Science Send E-Mail
Mr. Brian Hyde Gift Planning Counselor Send E-Mail
Mr. Timothy Jeffries Physical Education and Head Wrestling Coach Send E-Mail
Mrs. Karen Jorgensen Math-Algebra 2 & Precalculus Honors, Math Department Chair Send E-Mail
Ms. Jennifer Karner Physical Education, Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, Assistant Track Coach, Athletic Event Supervisor Send E-Mail
Mr. Michael Kerr 6th Grade Send E-Mail
Mr. Daniel Kober Computer Science Dept. Chair, Head Varsity Track & Field Coach Send E-Mail
Mrs. Marianne Kot Chemistry Teacher Send E-Mail
Mr. Jacob Kothe MS Assistant Principal and Varsity Asst. Football Coach Send E-Mail
Miss Joanne M. Krafft English and Theology Send E-Mail
Mr. John E. Laufer Social Studies Teacher Send E-Mail
Mrs. Desiree Lee Dance Teacher Send E-Mail
Mrs. Amy Lorfing 6th grade Teacher Send E-Mail
Miss Jacque MacEachern Attendance Clerk Send E-Mail
Mr. Matt Marty Director of Athletic Performance Send E-Mail
Miss Jen McDaniel Math Teacher, JV Girls Basketball Coach Send E-Mail
Mr. Jon McDaniel Math, High School Football Assistant Coach Send E-Mail
Dr. Jerome Meyer High School Math Send E-Mail
Miss Kay Meyer HS English Teacher and MS Drama Director Send E-Mail
Mr. Steve Morrill HS Science and STEM, Head Varsity Girls' Soccer Coach Send E-Mail
Mr. Danny Murphy Science Teacher Send E-Mail
Mr. Matthew Nagel Social Studies Send E-Mail
Mr. Blair Neagle Physical Education and Head Baseball Coach Send E-Mail
Mrs. Carol Neal Registrar Send E-Mail
Mr. Scott Oberdin Maintenance Send E-Mail
Mrs. Kelli Ongman 6th Grade Send E-Mail
Mr. Jonathan Orr Educational Technology Coordinator, AP Biology Send E-Mail
Miss Seanie Petersen Resource Aide Send E-Mail
Mr. Ben Phelps Math Teacher Send E-Mail
Mrs. Kelly Phelps English Teacher Send E-Mail
Mr. Richard Powers Campus Security Send E-Mail
Mrs. Laura Poynter Media Center Aide Send E-Mail
Mr. David Pratt Theology Teacher Send E-Mail
Ms. Karen Pullmann American History, Mythology, Psychology Send E-Mail
Mr. Paul Pullmann Middle School Math Send E-Mail
Mr. Kevin Reilly Teacher Send E-Mail
Mr. Grant Rolfsmeier Science Send E-Mail
Mrs. Deb Rood Physical Education, Middle School Softball Coach Send E-Mail
Mr. Phil Schlicker Jazz Band, Intermediate Band, Beginning band, MS Guitar, Guitar I and II Instructor Send E-Mail
Mrs. Lisa Schwartz PE Teacher Send E-Mail
Ms. Sally Schwarz Math Teacher Send E-Mail
Mrs. Lee Segalla Teacher Mark 10:14 Program Send E-Mail
Mrs. Cindy Seigle Secretary Send E-Mail
Mr. Daniel Smith Resource Send E-Mail
Ms. Tracy Smith Director of Development Send E-Mail
Dr. Wil Stelzer Theology teacher Send E-Mail
Mrs. Linda Tayrien Chief Financial Officer Send E-Mail
Mrs. Kim Thiel English Send E-Mail
Ms. Kristen Thornton Family and Consumer Science Teacher/Health Send E-Mail
Mr. Joshua Tonniges Social studies/Study Hall Send E-Mail
Mrs. Taylor Tonniges Science, MS Cheer Coach Send E-Mail
Ms. June Uhlig Art Send E-Mail
Ms. Jocelyne Uy Justice and Advocacy Program Coordinator, Mock Trial & Moot Court Coach, English & Trial Advocacy Teacher Send E-Mail
Mrs. Cathy Villani 6th Grade Send E-Mail
Ms. Melinda Vincent Facilities Administrative Assistant Send E-Mail
Mrs. Karen Walo Social Studies/Theology Send E-Mail
Mr. Bret Walter High School Athletic Administrator, Head Boys Basketball Coach, Alumni Relations Send E-Mail
Mrs. Elaynne Washington Counselor (A-D) Send E-Mail
Mr. Ryan Watts Social Science Send E-Mail
Mrs. Haley Wheat Missions Director Send E-Mail
Mr. Everett Wilson PE Teacher Send E-Mail
Mrs. Katie Wiltse Theology Teacher Send E-Mail
Mrs. Kelly Worl Honors Spanish III and IV and APSpanish V Teacher SHH Advisor Send E-Mail
Mrs. Sandra Youmans MS & HS Choir, Handbells, AP Music Theory, TRI-M Music Honor Society Send E-Mail
Mr. Daniel D Zeigner Head of Instrumental Music, Asst. MS Choir Director Send E-Mail
Mr. Stephen Zirpoli Math Send E-Mail
Mr. Chris Zois IT Technician Send E-Mail